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Useful links

Vers le niveau supérieur
  • “Service Central de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques” (Central Service for Statistics and Economic Studies) (STATEC) :
    On the STATEC site, you can consult in particular:
    • quarterly economic reviews which provide an analysis of recent macroeconomic developments;
    • economic reports, a series which publishes an annual report on the competitiveness of the Luxembourg economy;
    • bulletins which publish detailed statistics relating to various subjects (external economic relations, population, employment, transport, tourism, agriculture, construction, etc.);
    • latest figures on national accounts;
    • short-term indicators (economic activity, prices, employment, etc.);
    • statistical yearbook containing all the statistical data on Luxembourg produced by STATEC and other government institutions;
    • bibliography relating to Luxembourg’s economic and social development.
  • “Banque Centrale du Luxembourg” (Central Bank of Luxembourg) (BCL) :
    The CBL publishes an annual report, periodic bulletins and studies which are all available on the institution’s website. In these publications, you can find information on the overall development of the Luxembourg economy, the development of the financial sector, plus scientific studies on specific economic subjects.
  • “Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier” (Commission for the Supervision of the Financial Sector) (CSSF) :
    The “Commission”’s site gives access to information concerning the financial services (banks,OPC) in Luxembourg: legislation and regulation, statistics, news about the financial place, etc.
  • “Centre de Recherche Public - Centre Universitaire. Cellule de recherche en économie appliquée” (University - Public Research Centre. Applied economics research unit) (CRP-CU CREA) :
    The papers of this institution deal mainly with research on the Luxembourg economy. The working documents are freely available.
  • “Centre de Recherche Public - Gabriel Lippmann. Laboratoire de Droit Economique” (Gabriel Lippman - Public Research Centre. Economic Law Laboratory) (CRP-GL LDE) :
    The laboratory’s task is to consider modernising Luxembourg law in the various fields of business law and to propose suitable amendments and reforms. Consult the “virtual bibliography” - “Droit Luxembourgeois” (Luxembourg Law) section.
  • “Centre d'Etudes de Populations, de Pauvreté et de Politiques Socio-Economiques / International Networks for Studies in Technology, Environment, Alternatives, Development” (Centre for Population, Poverty and Public Policy Studies / International Networks for Studies in Technology, Environment, Alternatives, Development) (CEPS/INSTEAD) :
    At this socio-economic research centre, they conduct studies on, inter alia, the development of living conditions in Luxembourg. You can consult the bibliography listing publications released in this context at The documents published by the ‘Firms’ unit can be downloaded:
  • Luxembourg government :
    This site is devoted to government news. Certain online “dossiers” relate to economic and social matters. In the ‘publications’ section, you can access the latest activity reports from all the ministries.
  • Luxembourg ministries and administrations :
    Server for the ministries and administrations of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
  • Luxembourg ministry for economic affaires :
    Under “Documentation”, you will find the recent stances of the Minister for Economic Affairs, the ministry’s annual report and other documents relating to the Luxembourg economy.
  • Luxembourg ministry of finance :
    The Ministry of Finance site provides information on Luxembourg’s public finances (budget, stability pact, etc.). You can also consult the site of the Inspection Générale des Finances/IGF (Inspectorate-General for Finance):
  • Chamber of deputes :
    The “documentary portal” enables you to access the parliamentary archives in particular (draft laws, proposed laws, opinions of professional chambers, etc.) from 1945 to the present day.
  • Legilux :
    Legal portal of the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (Official Journal of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, compendia of legislation, etc.).

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