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Economic and social portrait of Luxembourg

No more updates on these pages.

You will find a more recent review of Luxembourg's economic and social situation in the Statec's KALEIDOSCOPE.

This “economic and social portrait” of Luxembourg fulfils the need to provide the general public with a résumé, summarising structural developments over recent years.

The first chapter features an overview of recent economic development as well as factors of growth and competitiveness and explains how these factors fit together.

The second part provides a more detailed description of changes in the fields of demography, employment, the productive structure and external economic relations, with “spotlights”on certain important or “buoyant”sectors such as financial services, transport and communications and business services.

The recent emergence of the concept of “sustainable development” clearly shows that economic, social and environmental issues are closely linked. Also,“human development” cannot be understood very well purely from the aggregates of national accounts. Therefore, the chapter on social conditions has been filled out and expanded to take account of environmental data in particular.

Generally speaking, a country’s peculiarities and specificities can be revealed only through a comparative approach. In a globalised world, an economy must constantly determine its position in relation to other countries and regions with a comparable level of development. This publication contains numerous indicators that should enable the reader to see where Luxembourg stands in this comparison, especially with regard to its competitiveness and attractiveness.

At the start of the 21st century, Luxembourg’s economy and society are facing a new turn. The remarkable growth from 1985 to 2000 has given way to lower levels of economic progress, and it’s impossible to say, on publication of this document, whether this is simply a temporary swing or whether we are heading for a prolonged period of reduced growth.The “economic and social portrait” gives a general picture which will, we trust, be widely accessible. It shows the key elements of the strengths and weaknesses with which Luxembourg is facing the new challenges.

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Economic and social portrait of Luxembourg



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